Future - The International Young Leaders' Parliament

The International Young Leaders Parliament for Ethics and Human Rights

The concept of the Elected Program proved itself locally, in Israel. It was run with a very low cost, as a result of the remarkable willingness of the mentors – judges, scholars, actors, politicians, and professional acting and cinema schools – to participate.

Based on this same successful formula, the Social Excellence Forum aims to establish an “International Young Leaders Parliament”, which will export it to the world. 

The Parliament will include representatives from a growing number of countries, reaching out and creating an international network of youth who will promote education for Sustainable Development to their social circles using up-to-date technology and eye-level message.

The Young Leaders Parliament will mobilize international youth on a two levels: internally, in their own countries, and internationally, to their fellow young leaders. It will focus on projects related to Human Rights education such as Mock Trials, Internet Educational Campaigns, youth declarations on Human Rights and competitions.
The first phase will include a pilot of 10 countries, in which 100 students will undergo the same curricula of the International Mock Trial on Human Rights 2022. This group then of national teams — a network of future leaders — will meet up at the end of each year in the UN’s HQ in Geneva/NYC to report and compare their achievements vis-a-vis Target 4.7 of SDG #4.

Ease of Worldwide Implementation

The training program will be provided by the managing body of the International Young Leaders’ Parliament, which will be composed of academics and international institutions with an assigned Advisory Board.
The center for activities in each country will be provided by academic chairs in major universities, who will host the training of the local youth in their facilities and deliver the curriculum of the program using their own academic staff. This will allow for an easy, fast-flowing and independent management of each country’s team, while still following a standard routine of topics and highlights dictated from above. 
The establishment of the Young Leaders’ Parliament for Ethics and Human Rights will commence in 2023, after the completion of the International Mock Trial on Human Rights 2022.