Attorney Avi Omer

Founder of the Social Excellence Forum - CV‏

Avi Omer Curriculum vitae

Birth date: 25.10.1955
Citizenship: Israeli
Undergraduate: Tel Aviv University, Faculty of Law L.L.B
Graduate: Tel-Aviv University, L.L.M.
Management program, Technion- Israel Institute of Technology
Coaching program in Behavioral Sciences, Tel Aviv University.


  • Management of social entrepreneurial activity throughout Israel in various frameworks.
  • Establishment of various non-profit organizations.
  • In 1995 a fund entitled Keren Ellice and David was formed that engages with social empowerment.
  • This fund has initiated and implemented hundreds of activities and social entrepreneurs.


In 2013, the “Elected” project was established, a national project for locating and training youth aged 16-18 for leadership and social responsibility roles, human dignity and equality. It is a three-year program, which involves hundreds of students each year from all geographical areas, religions and social strata, training them to be the country’s future leaders, while passing the values they were taught to broad circles of society.

Developing the powerful method of moot (simulated) courts, as an integral part of “The Elected” Program:

  • Integration of senior judges in educational positions, including judges from the Strasbourg court (ECHR) and the former president of the Israeli Supreme Court.
  • Incorporating the Supreme Court in the distribution of teaching materials to high schools. 
  • Initiating moot courts on issues related to human dignity and freedom, human rights, freedom of speech and its boundaries, prevention of racism, equality and social justice. 

Purpose: To lead a process in which the subject of human rights will become a basic component in the curriculum of secondary schools in as many countries as possible so as to raise the awareness of these issues and create students who are agents of change in their own environment.


  • Composing a program for the establishment of a Youth Parliament, which will be active and involved in leading worldwide reform in Human Rights and Social Responsibility area. The Youth Parliament will include representatives from many countries, and will focus on the issue of protecting human rights and assimilating these values within ever-growing circles. 
  • Program to instill human rights values among youth around the world: Developing a universal program to train youth with leadership skills, for the role of agents of change, the implementation of Human Rights values and the establishment of the International Youth Parliament.

Teaching at the Academy:

  • Lecturer on law to lawyers and to various forums in Israel.
  • Lecturer on law and business management. 
  • Lecturer in the Department of Social Work, Tel Aviv University (Coaching Program).
  • Lecturer in youth forums as part of a leadership program on human rights, freedom of speech, etc.

General employment history:

  • Director of the Education Division at the Ashkelon Municipality – managing about 200 employees, guiding teams at community centers, managing associations and dozens of social projects.
  • Planning and following up on the implementation of hundreds of programs. 
  • Establishing nonprofit organizations and managing them. 
  • Member of management and director of the Academic College in Ashkelon.
  • Member of management on various funds engaged in social projects.
  • Active in the managing body of theaters and stage development institutions.
  • Manager of funds and a company for the benefit of the public.
  • Initiates social projects.

Professional experience as a lawyer:

  • Founder of the firm A. Omer & Co. Advocates and Notaries 1989.
  • Developing branches in Israel (Tel Aviv and Ashkelon) 2003.
  • Developing the firm’s branch in Brussels (Belgium) and working with several European countries 2004.
  • Providing legal services to Israeli companies in their businesses in Europe. 
  • Representing major business and economic bodies in Israel and abroad.
  • Representing companies and economic projects in Israel.

Practice in real estate and commercial law:

Practice in real estate and commercial law:

  • For the past 28 years has managed a law firm, that includes 20 lawyers in three branches.
  • The firm currently represents Insurance companies, entrepreneurs and real estate corporations, commercial entities in Israel and abroad.
  • Organizational and legal advice in the stages of establishment or expansion abroad.
  • Accompanying the entire range of legal aspects for clients in property law, real estate, urban development, urban planning, construction of thousands of housing units, prestigious residential complexes, commercial centers and public buildings, reports to the authorities, registration and re-planning.
  • Handling the various aspects of the above, including the contractual outline and taxation, and managing the civil litigation systems for these projects.