The Elected Program

“The Elected” program was developed by attorney Avi Omer with the purpose of transforming young leaders into agents of change through specialized mentoring and practical activities related to social responsibility, leadership and Human Rights.
The program consisted of handpicking each year 500 bright youth (16-18) from the various sectors, ethnicities, religious backgrounds and socio-economic strata of the Israeli society, and having them undergo weekly training meetings on Human Rights and Social Responsibility in a 3-year curriculum. 

“The Elected” Program created 20 major national youth congresses, seminars and meetings of students with national and international level leaders such as University Professors, Judges of the Supreme Court, the President of the State of Israel, the Minister of Education, the Minister of Justice, the Chief of Staff of the Israeli Defense Force, the Chief of Police and others.
After completing the program, the young participants were activated as a resource to pass the message on to their social circles through similar activities they themselves created in coordination with the program organizers, with the help of an ever growing base of allies, opinion leaders and professionals who joined in to assist and lend their expertise and technical skills to spreading the message. 

The President of the State of Israel meeting the Israeli-German Teams

The Israeli Chief of Police speaking to the participants of the Moot Court 

One of the peaks of the activity – a “Practical Assignment” to make the youth apply what they have learned – is a Mock Trial on a chosen case that has to do with Human Rights, wherein the young students are divided into two teams and prepare the case for three months, escorted by top law firms and Faculties of Law in the country, and then have the actual court preformed in front of an audience presided by actual professionals.

In 2016, the Mock Trial took place in the Hebrew University in front of 500 representatives of the young leadership in Israel. The panel of judges included the honorable Judge Dalia Dorner of the Israeli Supreme Court (Ret.) alongside two European Court for Human Rights Judges. The young teams were composed of 20 Israeli teenagers and 20 German high-school leaders.

Asher Grunis, President of the Israeli Supreme Court (Ret.)

Mentors who worked with the Elected Program:

  • Professor Micha Popper, head of the Faculty of Psychology, Haifa University
  • Professor Asa Kasher, Head of the Chair of Ethics, Tel-Aviv University, recipient of Israel National Award
  • Professor Shlomoh Grossman, Chairman of the National Accreditation Institute and President of Ashkelon College
  • Professor Ariel Ben-Dor, Dean of the Faculty of Law, Bar Ilan University
  • Doctor Pinhas Haliva, Chairman of the Committee of Israeli College Heads
  • Doctor Yoram Danziger, Supreme Court Judge
  • Doctor Asher Grunis, President of the Israeli Supreme Court
  • Doctor Dalia Dorner, Supreme Court Judge (ret.), President of the Israeli Journalists Council

Partners and cooperating entities:

  • Faculty of Law, Tel-Aviv University Faculty of Psychology, Haifa University
  • Faculty of Law, Hebrew University (Jerusalem)
  • Faculty of Theater, Kibutzim Sminar
  • Shalem College Sapir College
  • The Israeli Supreme Court
  • The Israeli Courts Administration
  • Israeli Ministry of Justice
  • Israeli Ministry of Education
  • Ha’Bima National Theater
  • The Institute for the Heritage of David Ben-Gurion
  • The Institute for the Heritage of Itzhak Rabin
  • The Institute for the Heritage of Menachem Begin
  • Yad Itzhak Ben Zvi

Avi Omer speech

Former Israeli Minister of Education, Shai Piron

The Elected Conference, 2014