After holding three consecutive mock trial events in January and February of 2019 in front of thousands of high school students, the Israeli Ministry of Education adopted the project as its own and integrated it in the Israeli educational system in various ways, including:

  • A 50 minute video was produced out of the highlights of the Mock trial itself, to be shown to all students who travel on student delegations to Poland.
  • Lectures were delivered by the staff of the project to hundreds of students, together with a screening of the mock trial video.
  • The Mock Trial’s materials are offered to schools as one of the optional subjects for review on International Holocaust Remembrance Day.
  • The full materials — historical background, legal arguments of prosecution and defense, original documents collected from archives in Germany and translated to English, charts, diagrams and other evidence — as well as the written decisions of the judges, have been compiled into a book which is in its final stages of editing, both in Hebrew and in English.
  • Another book is being written in partnership with ECHR Judge Paulo Pinto de Albuquerque on Human Rights Law in Israel vis-a-vis the ECHR. 

Additionally, the Mock trial garnered positive media in Israel and all over the world, including articles in the British Jewish Chronicle and the European NewEurope magazine.

The President of the Israeli Supreme Court hosted the international experts and judges who took part in the Mock Trial in Jerusalem, January 2019

The Mock Trial’s materials are now being processed into a standard, top of the line Educational Kit which can then be used by schools and Educational Systems all over the world to enact their own local Mock trials. 

These will deliver to future leaders everywhere the important lesson on the vital place of Human Rights and Human Dignity above all other dogma or opinion, regardless of how popular or broadly agreed upon these may be, or how passionately they are endorsed by ‘authorities’.