2020-2022 – The International Mock Trial on Human Rights

After a successful Mock Trial in Israel, which spawned an educational video shown to thousands of students, a book and a documentary, the Forum for Social Excellence embarks on the next step: holding the trial with student representatives from a dozen countries around the world, in collaboration with the Holocaust and the United Nations Outreach […]

“Shaming” on the net: the responsibility of us all !!!

The “Screen Generation and Human Dignity Conference” was attended by about 450 youths, of whom 120 were selected from the Haifa district, from the youth movements and from the city’s youth councils. Haifa is the leading and most dominant district of the national “elected” program. for full article click here >>

Israeli students will judge a Nazi scientist

Instead, Rudin was rehabilitated after the war and died peacefully in 1952. Now, for the first time, Ernst Rudin is to be put on trial, thanks to an energetic Israeli lawyer, Avi Omer, and a team of international legal experts. But the prosecutors and defenders of Rudin will be teenagers, many of whom are studying […]

The students preparing to put a Nazi eugenicist on trial

Ernst Rudin could be said to be the father of Nazi ideology. The German-based psychiatrist and neurologist was a proponent of “eugenics”, or racial “hygiene”. But despite Rudin’s advocacy of racial purity — support which led to the murder of thousands of so-called “genetic defectives”, and thereafter to the murder of Jews — he never […]

2017 – 2019 – The International Mock Trial on Human Rights

The Forum for Social Excellence embarks on its most ambitious project yet – a trial on the subject of racism, human dignity and science, where a case of a real historical figure is meticulously researched, analyzed and presented by 70 young litigators. The trial, sponsored by the Israeli Ministry of Education, takes places in the […]

2016 – Youth Leadership in Israel

The students of the Elected Program hold a convention on the subject of Young Leaders in Israel with Members of Knesset, the Mayor of Haifa City, the President of Haifa University and others.

2016 – Israel-Germany Mock Trial

The Elected Program creates and holds its first International Mock Trial in front of 450 representatives of the young leadership in Israel. Israeli and German high school students team up and argue for and against a case on the balance between the Right to Life and the Freedom of Speech.

2015 – Human Dignity and the Generation of Screens

The students of the Elected Program produce a convention on the subject of Shaming on the internet, under the heading of “Human Dignity and the Generation of Screens” in Tel-Aviv Museum. Attending: Minister of Justice, former Supreme Court judge Dvora Berliner, Professor Assa Kasher, Prof. Micha Popper and other esteemed guest speakers.

2015 – Blind Following of Leaders

The Elected students hold a convention on the subject of leadership and blind followers, which includes watching the film “The Wave” and talking live to its author, in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.